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The Couture Process

The process of having a wedding gown made especially for you may seem daunting, but nothing could be further from the truth.

From your first consultation, your ideas, inspiration and personal style will be used to develop the design of your gown. From there, Melissa will work within your budget to help you find the perfect fabric to accentuate your gown.

Once the design of your gown and fabric choices are made, the real couture experience begins. Detailed measurements will be taken of your body and your gown will be made up in calico toile which is used as a template to develop your personalised pattern. During your toile fitting, you will be able to see the basic design and shape of your gown.

In the next two to three stage of fittings, fabric will be checked and the design and placement of embellishments will be discussed.

The final fitting involves a final check of the gown and small adjustments that maybe needed. Once this is completed, the gown is complete and ready for pick up before your wedding day.

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